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Welcome to
Lucy's Cafe and Bakery

Our Story

The story of Lucy's Kitchen begins with Lucy the dog. She's a black-and-white pup with cow patches and a goofy smile. She also happens to live with our owner, Luther Whiting-Collins. Of the many things that make Lucy happy, none is greater than food. While Luther was testing recipes for our new restaurant concept, Lucy became his shadow, assuming her perch under the sink while she stared, begged, and drooled. The goal of Lucy's Kitchen is to share food you'll crave-food that you can't stop thinking about, that makes you feel as happy and content as Lucy whenever she gulps down her favorite human food. Everyone deserves to eat deliciously, and at Lucy's Kitchen you can fulfill your cravings while also fueling your body for whatever lies ahead.


Our food menu is anything but ordinary. From high-protein yogurt bowls with delightful blends of housemade granola, fruit, and gourmet toppings, to pirate pancakes, savory grain bowls, colorful toasts, and protein smoothies, we have something to tickle everyone's tastebuds. Now that's something to be happy about!
Our coffee and tea line-up ranges from the familiar to the surprising. If you just want a great cup of coffee with no frills, we've got your back. Or if Newport has you feeling spontaneous and you want to try whipped coffee or a protein latte, consider us your ticket to caffeinated adventure!
We make our baked goods daily so you can experience them fresh from our oven. Our mouthwatering line-up of baked donuts, cookies, and specialty desserts will leave you craving more. So grab a treat with us-you deserve it!